Millis Training Institute

Millis students start at .44 per mile
.01 per mile raise every quarter for the 1st year.

Low cost, high quality training

Upon successful completion, driver may be offered employment with Millis Transfer

Up-front cost to approved applicants:

Honorably Discharged Military Veterans receive 50% discount

Let Your Career Take You Places

As a professional CDL-A truck driver, you will embark on a unique career path free from the typical 8-5 schedule.  Your “office” will take you places you may never see otherwise. You will be part of a proud brotherhood that is rooted in hard work, family values and the American dream. 


Established in 1989, the Millis Training Institute (MTI) is an important division of Millis Transfer and is dedicated to identifying, training and developing capable individuals into professional truck drivers.  The original school was founded in Georgia, and after five years of success, expanded to a second location in Ohio.  Today, MTI boasts six convenient locations across the country, lead by knowledgeable and helpful staff as well as experienced and tenured instructors.  

Student Obligation 1+ Year with MillisMTIOtherDifference
Down Payment$400.00$$
School Loan$1,840.00$$
Total Cost$2,340.00$$
Cost to be Paid after Training$1,840.00$
Guaranteed Salary$50,000.00$
Payments at $30 per week for 52 weeks$1,560.00$
Salary after School Payment$48,440.00$

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