The Program



What makes MTI stand out from the others?

Our apprenticeship program takes place over 12 weeks, with professional and tenured trainers at the helm and provides a personalized, one-on-one experience for each student.  There is no cost for the program itself, however you will be responsible for your hotel stay, food and transportation. You will become an employee of Millis Transfer on your first day of training, earning $600 per week.  Once you complete classroom training, you will then earn $0.44 per mile when you drive with a trainer.  Upon successful completion of the program, you will become a full time driver with Millis Transfer.

5 Convenient School Locations:

  • Cartersville, Georgia
  • Richfield, Wisconsin
  • Burleson, Texas
  • Eden, North Carolina
  • Carlisle, Pennsylvania

Students will receive one week of classroom instruction, one week of backing maneuvers and skills practice, and one week of on the road driving with an instructor.  A total of 166 hours are required to complete the course.

Week 1 – Classroom instruction:

  • Trucking industry overview
  • Hours of Service
  • Trip planning and map reading
  • Control systems
  • Vehicle inspection
  • Coupling/Uncoupling
  • Range driving
  • E-Logs


Week 2 – Classroom and Road instruction:

  • Wrap up industry information and procedures
  • 4 days practice on the range and road – total of 40 hours


Week 3 – Road instruction:

  • In truck training with instructor
  • Practice safe driving habits
  • Backing maneuvers
  • Docking


Week 4 – Company Orientation:

  • Trainees will experience Millis Transfer’s company driver orientation


Weeks 5 through 12 – Trainees on the Road:

  • Trainees will be dispatched with a trainer
  • Operate a truck with guidance as needed
  • Test for your CDL license using Millis equipment for the test


Week 12 – Graduation:

  • After successfully completing a minimum of 15,000 OTR miles with a trainer, student will graduate to his or her own truck

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